About Us

Caroline Rayner

Physiotherapist and clinic owner

I am a certified professional who runs a successful spine physiotherapy clinic and I have practiced in headache treatment and spinal physiotherapy for over 20 years’.

Over the years I have gained diverse experience in the treatment of various injuries. I see patients with sports injuries, many types of arthritis, car accidents, post-surgical conditions, chronic pain conditions, and nerve impingements.

My treatment approach takes into account a patient’s goals and their specific health concerns. I believe it is important that the patient have a good understanding of their particular condition and I will take the time to explain your situation to you. This provides you with the knowledge and confidence that you require to recover from your injuries and to help you prevent re-injury.

It is my priority to continue to grow my knowledge and skills. I continue to take postgraduate courses to allow me to treat you with the most up-to-date techniques. Current research and approaches are used in my practice such as the Watson Headache Approach.

I enjoy treating people who are interested in being involved in the process of getting better. I learn something from every patient that I treat. This assists me in determining an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment for each patient. Being a leading physiotherpist bondi

Core stability and muscle balance are of particular interest to me. This approach affects each condition that I see. My focus is always on reducing injuries and preventing recurrence or chronic health problems from developing.